Maybe We Do Have Enough Primary Care Providers

In the world of health policy, it’s axiomatic that we have a desperate shortage of primary care providers—physicians, physici...

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Mediation in State Government: Can it be done?

You may or may not  be familiar with the term “Alternative Dispute Resolution”. For most people it’s a phrase that evoke...

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posted April 22, 2009

Michigan Saves is an innovative program that will make energy efficiency upgrades and installing renewable energy systems more affordable for all types of Michigan energy consumers—businesses, local governments, and residents. Michigan Saves will finance the installation of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy systems with no upfront cost to utility customers.

In June 2009, Public Sector Consultants, with its technical partner, the Delta Institute, was awarded a grant from the Michigan Public Service Commission to design and implement Michigan Saves. The Michigan Saves team is working with utilities, vendors, and other stakeholders to establish the parameters of the program, including the identification and design of pilot projects, as well as the administrative structure, financing tools, contracts, and operational procedures used by Michigan Saves and its partners.

Information about opportunities to contribute to the design process, as well as updates on Michigan Saves and pilot programs, is available on the Michigan Saves website:

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